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Shull Valley Boxers
Mike & Tonya Shull
10977 Gunther Miller Rd SW
Stone Creek, OH 43840
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Shull Valley Boxers
  Bo is the one that started it all!    He is a flashy fawn, with the perfect markings, he has the wide wite full collar, black mask, with the white up his nose, and 4 high socks. He was born September 2006, he is a big brute at 90lbs,but a big baby who loves to cuddle.  You'll see in some of the pictures he's really our first son and big brother to Brody & Dakota. He is the smartest dog we have ever seen, quick to learn, amazing temperment, very gentle around all kids.  And it shows when we get customers callng or writing to tell us they cant believe how smart their new puppies are!  We could go on and on about this guy, but we'll let you judge for yourselves!
Bo opening his Christmas present!
Waiting for Daddy!
Bo and Brody
 <---- P.S.. Sorry Bo-Bo for making you look like a softy in all the pics!  So i just had to finish off the page with the only pic that i could find that made you look like a tough guy!